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Nuke workFlow optimisation TIPS

Nuke work flow optimisation tips:

Work flow optimisation is very important  and help-full while you render or preview the shot. When you working with bigger shots you should optimise your script for better working speed and rendering. Otherwise you always suffer lot with your machine....  God damn in slow ???!!!!!

Here i'm going to give you guys some off my own way off working style and work flow optimisation tips....  Hope this will help you guys.... at-least...

First thing first.
1. Avoid multiple read nodes.

2. Keep adding(over) your FG layers always on "A" input and keep connect BG to "B" input. Working like this way will help to keep track your "BoundingBox" size.

Have a habit to always set your bbox to "B" from "union" after adding every Merge. i personally use to do this when ever add "Merge" node
 ( in some case you need keep it union, like.... BG replace, match-moving )

If you forget to keep the "bbox"…