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plus VS screen

plus VS screen in (compositing) nuke
There is operation's called plus and screen in nuke's merge node ( mostly all node based compositing software have this). Most of the people think both off this operation’s are same or similar, obviously both result look similar most of the times.  But there is huge difference between these operation's.
1. Plus operation:

When you plus your two images b+a, Plus operation increases the value in black and white pixels evenly. Which means it plus the value of "B" image's black and white values by the value of "A" image.

2. Screen operation:

When you screen your two images b+a, Screen operation increases the value on black and mid-value pixels only and keep white pixels as-it's. Which means it increases the value of "B" image's black and mid-values values by the value of "A" image.


Use plus while working with specular and fire kind off elements.

Use Screen with hazy and snow dust …