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Help full Nuke short-cut's

Some cool and very help full nuke short-cut's
Here i'm going to share some cool and very help full nuke short-cut's with you friends. These are all my favourite short-cut's inside nuke.
1. "ctrl+up arrow or ctrl+down arrow"
you can move your selected node to above or below the next node.
But this will not work with multiple nodes. You cant move multiple nodes with this short-cut. (you can create some python code for doing this)

2. "crtl+shift+c"
This will pop-up the selected nodes "tile_color" picker window. You can color code the selected node or nodes same time.

3. "ctrl+right arrow & left arrow"
This will jump into half of the time in your time line. example: If your current frame is 50 ctrl+left arrow will jump to 25th frame. If you give it again it will jumb into 13. Your mouse should in viewer window.

This short-cut also work with key frames. you can jump in-between the key-frames exactly.
4. "n"
will rename …