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Export Maya camera and Objects to Nuke

Export Maya camera and Objects to Nuke
Exporting Maya Camera and Objects to Nuke is really night-mare. Using .fbx file format will fail most of the time. Scene not align perfectly, meshes not displaying properly, Camera missing the key-frames, etc. Reason for this is both the software's handling Cameras in different manner.

There are several scripts available for exchanging data's between mayaToNuke. Each one having their plus and minuses. I found a clever python script to do the data exchange successfully. I done some custom with the original script and used it several time with out any failure.

I created a new maya scene for tutorial purpose with animated camera and couple of objects.

Maya to nuke traditional export method:

Step-1: Selected all the objects and Camera.
Step-2: Go to  file---> Export Selection....

step-3: Go to Edit Presets and Change fbx format to fbx2010.

step-4: Export Selection and save it as a .fbx file.

step-5: Added ReadGeo node and import the save…