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extract selected roto shapes

This script extract selected roto shapes from selected roto, rotopaint node in nuke. Usually we use to do, copy the desired roto shapes and then create a new roto node and paste the shapes. If roto node contain baked tracker info, then we copy paste the entire roto node and then delete unwanted shape's from pasted roto node.

I have created extractSelectedShapes script to make this process automatically. Tested several times and working with nuke 6, 7, 8 versions. This code also work with roto shapes imported from silhouette and mocha.

How to use:

Select the roto shapes need to extract make sure your roto node selected.

Run the script. This script will prompt you to choose the output method. User can extract the selected shapes into one roto node or each shape into separate node.

If user choose single this code copy paste selected shapes into single roto node.

Master roto node remain same.

If user choose each, this code create multiple roto node and copy p…