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Hi nukers i have created this little code for my friend request. I'm decided to share this code with you. Hope this will help you friends.

This code toggle on - off ripple edit mode in nuke. Select your roto shape and run the hot-key. This will really help full while edit rotoshape inside nuke. Here im using alt+q as keyboard shortcut. But you can use your combination of key's. work with nukes roto and rotopaint node. Tested several time and working fine. If you have any bugs or reports mail to

Original Code:

### created by satheesh-r, Oct 2014.
### To toggle on & off nuke roto, rotopaint nodes ripple edit function.
### for bugs & reports:

import nuke

def rippleEditOnOff():
    selNode = None
      selNode = nuke.selectedNode()
    except ValueError:  # no node selected
    getValue = selNode['toolbar_ripple'].value()
    if getValue == False: