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scale up and down cornerpin node

global scale up and down cornerpin
This script help you to global scale up or down the selected cornerpin. Recently i had situation to scale up the cornerpin globally. But there is no way either to place the pins individually. So here is the solution. Bugs and future improvement requests are welcome.

Raw script:

Created on 10th june 2016
@author: satheesh
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#### 'Viewer' ).addCommand( 'scaleCornerpin/scaleUpCornerpin', "scaleCornerpin.scaleUpCornerpin()", "ctrl++")
#### 'Viewer' ).addCommand( 'scaleCornerpin/scaleDownCornerpin', "scaleCornerpin.scaleDownCornerpin()", "ctrl+-")


import nuke

def scaleUpCornerpin():

    selNode = None
      selNode = nuke.selectedNode()
    except ValueError:  # no node selected

    if selNode is not None:
        selClass = selNode.Class()
        if selClass == 'CornerPin2D':